Age: 29 Beat years (609 Earth years)
Position:Spaceship doctor.
Musical abilities: Mezzo soprano singer, percussion, guitars, trumpets, bagpipes, violin. Imitating sounds of courtship of the Gumguman dwarf elephants from the Lulali deserts of Mars..
Favorite food: Tovash tail spaghetti (a type of animal - a combination of fish and shrubs from the planet Planktoria).
Hobbies: Collecting and examining information on the reproduction of various species in the galaxy. She believes in the existence of intergalactic relationships published a famous book on gender: "Females are from Mars– Males they can't remember".
Revered earth musician: The blue singer from the film "The Fifth Element" (they studied together at elementary school, called "The Big Blue" – Scoop: They also studied with three blue children who are now starring in New York).